Friday, February 3, 2017

102.9 FM - New Radio Station in Franklin

Congratulations to Franklin TV and Executive Director Pete Fasciano on the launch of the new public access radio station! 102.9 FM WFPR went live Thursday at exactly 10:29 a.m., broadcasting music to a Franklin-area audience. A mix of programming, including news and content from various Franklin TV shows, will also air later this year. 

The Milford Daily News ran the following news story Thursday night (subscription may be needed to read entire story):

New radio station launches in Franklin 

FRANKLIN - At 10:29 exactly Thursday morning, a new sound hit the Franklin airwaves. 
Franklin TV Executive Director Peter Fasciano, sitting in a small shelter on Forge Hill, struck a few keys on a laptop, cueing a brief announcement about a new radio station and its mission. With that, the programming switched to music, and 102.9 FM WFPR - Franklin Public Radio - was born. 
This marked the culmination of a multi-year process, Fasciano said, with the first steps taken back in 2012. Efforts accelerated last summer, with the public access station working with federal agencies and local boards to approve the antenna's location and prepare for broadcasting. 
The town then had to erect the antenna - which sits near a number of cell towers on the hill - and the utility company had to run power to it. With those steps done, everything was in place.