Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Member Announcements: Friends of the Library; The Chick Magnets Perform; Valentine-Themed Dinner at The Estate

Friends of the Franklin Library 

February is for lovers: Library Lovers, that is. 

The Friends of the Franklin Library invites you to tell us about your favorite book.  

Maybe it’s one that moved you, or that you learned from, or helped you navigate a difficult time.  Maybe the book was just fun to read, made you laugh or made you think differently about something.  It could have been controversial, biographical, historical or mystical – there are dozens of genres.  

How about a book that you loved as a child?

Or maybe your favorite “book” is actually one of the many databases the library offers to patrons.

Please send your favorites, along with a brief description of why you love them, and we’ll collect and post the comments at the library and on Facebook.   

Our email address is

Many thanks!

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FDP Member Barry Madden
Did you know? Franklin Ford owner and FDP member Barry Madden is part of a band called The Chick Magnets! The Chick Magnets invite you to a pre-Super Bowl performance this Saturday at Finnegan's Wake in Walpole. There's no cover; just great music and fun. Find more information on the Chick Magnets' Facebook page. 

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Valentine's Themed Dinner at The Estate in Franklin