Thursday, November 12, 2015

Downtown Business Lights Challenge

Downtown Business Members -- are You Ready to take the Challenge?

What if EVERYONE put up Holiday Lights this season in the downtown?  
What if Every business had lights in the window or on the building?

Wow...that would really get people talking and let people know that DOWNTOWN FRANKLIN is a fun place to be!

If you need help hanging your lights, e-mail the FDP office ( and we will send a crew out to assist you.  You buy the lights and the timer and e-mail us when you are ready.

Let's light up the Downtown this season and get ready for the Holiday Stroll on December 3rd!! 

Jane's Frames did it!
The Cake Bar put up their lights!
Dean Bank....they were ahead of all of us!

Come on, get your lights up. You have time -- it is only November!