Thursday, September 17, 2015

Downtown Streetscape Project Update #10

Dear FDP Members:
The Streetscape project is moving along.  Stop by the FDP office and you can look out the window and see two new traffic light posts.... 
Please see the official town update below.  
Have a good weekend. 

September 17, 2015

Downtown Project Update #10
Next Wednesday they will be setting the curbs on West Central Street (they were waiting on the subcontractor). 

Mid to late next week they will be line striping the new top that they are putting down this week. At the end of next week or into the following week the landscapers will be spreading loam and seeding in the area that has been paved and completed. 

Starting tomorrow and into next week they will be finalizing walk ways between Moore Ave and Pleasant Street. 

The week after next they will be paving Emmons Street and Summer Street, possibly at night. In about two weeks they will be working in front of the Fire Station entrance. They are not excavating any more sidewalks on West Central Street for now. 

The sidewalk widening on Main Street will be done when the subcontractor gets back, in the next few weeks. We are waiting on National Grid to move a few telephone poles. 

If anyone has a question please feel free to reach out to the DPW Director, Brutus Cantoreggi or Town Engineer, Michael Maglio at 508-553-5500 or Jeffrey Nutting, Town Administrator at 508-520-4949.