Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Member Announcements: MA Wellness Tax Credit, Open Mic Night, Luau at The Estate

The United Regional Chamber of Commerce included this in their most recent newsletter: 
Massachusetts Wellness Credits
The Massachusetts Wellness Tax Credit gives small businesses in Massachusetts a state tax credit for having an employee wellness program. Massachusetts businesses that employ 200 or fewer workers may qualify for the tax credit for up to 25% of the cost of implementing a certified wellness program.

To receive certification, businesses must:
  1. Certify the wellness plan by filling out an online application form by December 31, 2015 http://webapps.ehs.state.ma.us/wellnessTaxCredit/Default.aspx
  2. Apply for the tax credit when filing taxes.
 Find more information at www.mass.gov/wellnesstaxcredit 

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The Cake Bar - Open Mic Night this Thursday!
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