Friday, June 19, 2015

Lady Bug Trek Story in Milford Daily News

The Milford Daily News ran this story last week about Franklin's Lady Bug Trek Scavenger Hunt. The Trek is happening now - be sure to download the app! 

Franklin businesses launch Lady Bug Trek scavenger hunt
By Heather  

  • FRANKLIN -- A mobile app-assisted scavenger hunt through more 
    than a dozen small Franklin businesses is getting underway today, 
    Friday, June 12 and will continue through the end of the month.

    The Lady Bug Trek is the first collaborative activity of the recently
    formed Franklin Small Shop Co-op, featuring special offers from 
    participating businesses and a chance at a grand prize of $1,100 
    in gift cards.

    "We created the Small Shop Co-op for small businesses to
    collaborate, so this was sort of born out of that," said Tracie 
    Turinese, co-owner of The Cake Bar in downtown Franklin.

    A total of 15 businesses are part of the fun, including Franklin
    Liquors, Franklin Yoga & Wellness, Salon Sorella, Making Whoopie, 
    Emmas Quilt Cupboard, Mac Deli, The Cake Bar, Hillside Nurseries 
    & Farm, Elizabeth's Bagels, Terrazza, Pretty is Pink, NHS Printing, 
    Daddario Hardware, Franklin Art Center and Jane's Frames.

    "We are partnering with the City Trek folks," said Turinese. "They
    are providing the smart phone app that will allow people to 
    participate in the scavenger hunt."

    She explained that the hunt involves simply downloading the app 
    for free -- the app is for Android and iOS 
    phones and tablets. Then they visit the various businesses in 
    search of clues. There is one clue at each location. For example, 
    The Cake Bar might prompt visitors to find the name of the 
    owners' favorite cupcake in the artwork on display in the shop.

    Hunters "have to come in to solve the clue and they type the
    answer into the Smart Phone app, and then they get coupons and 
    prizes for that particular business," Turinese explained. "They do 
    that with all 15 of the businesses. And then, depending on how 
    many clues they get right, they get more and more chances to 
    win the grand prize, which is 1,100 in business gift cards."

    She said the Lady Bug Trek is "meant to just be fun."
    "You don't have to buy something when you come in. It’s nothing
     like that, though obviously that would be great," Turinese said.

    The idea is to let people get to know some of the town's small
    businesses and, hopefully, keep them in mind when shopping or 
    seeking services in the future.

    Turinese is excited about the hunt and hopes people download
     and play.

    "Ultimately, it’s fun for the people who participate," she said,
     "and it’s a promotion for all the businesses that participate."