Thursday, April 2, 2015

Member Announcements: The Curry House, The Mac Deli, Franklin Cultural Festival

New Members

A warm welcome to The Curry House, located at 418 W. Central St. This Indian cuisine restaurant has a full menu and a delicious buffet. Dine in or take out. See their menu at, or like them on Facebook,

A hearty welcome to The Mac Deli, 13 W. Central St. Appetizers. Specialty Mac & Cheese, salads, sandwiches and pizza fill the menu at this downtown eatery. See their menu at, or follow them on Facebook,, Twitter, @themacdeli, Google+ and LinkedIn. 

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Franklin Cultural District Committee Proposes Joint Venue with Downtown Businesses

A letter from Daydre Hamilton: 

The Franklin Cultural District Committee is pleased to announce that it will be hosting the first Franklin Cultural Festival from Wednesday, July 29, to Sunday, August 2, 2015.

The Celebration will take place in various locations in downtown Franklin including: The Black Box Theater (inside and outside on its stage) and Historical Museum, in locations along Main Street that may include but are not limited to The Cake Bar, Dean College, the Public Library, the Town Common, the Senior Center and the Horace Mann Middle School, and in other locations (businesses, restaurants, etc.).

The programming will include fine arts, musicians, performers, actors, dancers, poets, culinary artists and photographers.

The Franklin Art Association is interested in doing a joint venue with the FDP. We would like to get a sense of whether any members of the Downtown Partnership would be willing to allow artists to display work on their walls and/or window, during the festival, possibly having the artist set up inside or out and paint.

Our belief is the pairing of artists and businesses will be beneficial to both.

If you have an interest in this joint venue with the Franklin Art Association, please contact Daydre Hamilton, committee chairperson. 

Thank you,

Daydre Hamilton

For more information about the committee and the upcoming Franklin Cultural Festival, please follow this link to a comprehensive story that appeared in the 2/26 Franklin Matters: