Tuesday, March 31, 2015

General Meeting Agenda

Franklin Downtown Partnership GENERAL Meeting Agenda
Thursday, April 2, 2015
Dean College Campus Center @ 8:30 am
Golder Room
I.               Open Meeting                                                   
II.             Adoption of Agenda                                          
III.           Introductions                                                     
IV.           Town Updates - Jeff Nutting                                   
V.             Streetscape Project Presentation - Jeff Nutting  
- Timeline
- Traffic Details
- New Drawings
- Period Lighting and Planters
VI.           Report from Executive Director - Lisa Piana        
- 2015 Meeting and Event Schedule
- FDP Membership Renewal
- FDP Quarterly Updates
- Shop Local Campaign
VII.         Shop Local and “Positive” Campaign                
- Tom McAuliffe-President WMRC Radio

VIII.       New Business                                                                
IX.           Adjourn     

Next General Meetings: June 4, September 3, and November 5  

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