Monday, December 8, 2014

Member Announcements

Murphy Business invites you to a holiday gathering

Knock Off Early -
Party at Murphy Business!
Please join us at our office for some holiday fun 
next Thursday, December 11th!  We're wrapping up 
two weeks of collecting for the Franklin Food Pantry 
that day and will be serving up whoopie pies from 3 - 6pm 
(made by our friend Kerri at Making Whoopie).  Not into dessert?  
Then come have a drink.  Just please make sure you bring along 
a can of tuna, or better yet a couple of bottles of shampoo, 
which is the pantry's #1 need

No regrets necessary; just please advise if you're coming so 
we get enough Cheez Doodles (crunchy - duh).  Thanks! 
PS: Please visit Making Whoopie on Facebook to see why so 
many people like what they do...
Chris Bond
Murphy Business
15 East Central St.
Franklin, MA 02038
D: (508) 440-5670
C: (508) 380-7997