Friday, November 21, 2014

2014 Food Elves Sidebar Press Release

Franklin Food Elves History By The Numbers
Co-founded by Melissa and Cameron Piana 9 years ago, the Franklin Food Elves have worked hard to benefit the Franklin Food Pantry while learning important lessons about community service and working with local businesses. As charitable community service group, the Food Elves have grown in both size and impact.
2006 to 2010:  Melissa and Cameron Piana collect donations in their neighborhood for the Franklin Food Pantry.
Goal:  To collect food donations to help those in need and raise awareness for the Franklin Food Pantry.
Actual: 400 pounds of donations and $800.
2011:  The Food Elves partner with the Franklin Downtown Partnership and create the “12 Days of Donating” Campaign. They partner with local businesses to set up collection bins at locations around Franklin and kick off the campaign at the FDP Holiday Stroll.
Melissa and Cameron recruit 15 volunteer elves to help with their cause. They partner with 8 local businesses.
Goal:  1,200 pounds of goods and $1,200.
Actual:  1 ton (2,000 pounds) of donations and $4,000.  
2012:  The organization recruits 50 volunteer elves to collect donations from 10 neighborhoods. They partner with 9 local businesses.
Goal:  To beat 2011 totals.
Actual:  2 tons (4,223 pounds) of donations and $5,700.
2013:  The organization grows to 75 volunteers. Volunteers collect donations from 30 neighborhoods. They partner with 9 local businesses.
Goal:  To beat 2012 totals.
Actual:  3 tons (7, 357) pounds and $6,700.
2014:  The Food Elves continues to grow and encourages others to donate          
to the Food Pantry to help those in need.
Goal:  They hope to increase the number of volunteer elves this year.  They have already
increased the number of businesses participating to 14 this year.
The Food Elves hope you will join them in the “12 Days of Donating” Campaign.