Friday, October 10, 2014

A Heartwarming Story from Franklin Matters

This story appeared on Franklin Matters this week. Nice job Mirabella and Katherine!

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Harvest Festival Kids' Fundraiser Success!

Hi there! 
Katherine Kurtz (left) Mirabella Carrara (right)

I just wanted to share with "FRANKLIN MATTERS" about the wonderful, and 
successful day our girls had at their Harvest Festival booth. 

Mirabella Carrara and Katherine Kurtz, both age 9, met in pre-school, 
forming an immediate bond. They now sit side-by-side in their forth grade 
classroom at Davis Thayer Elementary. Their philanthropic hearts and love 
for American Girl dolls gave rise to the idea of selling crafts in order to raise 
money to buy toys, books and dolls for patients at Boston Children's Hospital
where Mirabella was treated as a baby.

The girls partnered with American Girl Place in Natick and were able to shop 
there and deliver gifts to BCH last year. 
crafts sold to raise money

With the local support and encouragement, the girls have decided to make 
this an annual event and started their efforts early this year. Through sales 
and generous donations, they raised $342 yesterday, selling hot pink sparkly 
star ornaments and earrings that they made. They also had a coloring table 
where children were encouraged to color an official Get Well card. We 
collected over 50 Get Well cards that will be delivered with our gifts in 

Thank you to Franklin for supporting these girls, their great idea, and the 
children at Boston Children's Hospital
Kellie Carrara (mother)
Franklin, MA

making Get Well cards at the Harvest Festival
making Get Well cards at the Harvest Festival