Monday, April 21, 2014

May 1 General Meeting Agenda

Franklin Downtown Partnership General Meeting Agenda
Thursday, May 1, 2014, 8:30 a.m.
Dean College Campus Center
Golder Room

I.     Open Meeting

II.    Adoption of Agenda

III.   Introductions

IV.   Town Update -- Jeff Nutting, Town Administrator
       a.  Streetscape
            i.    Construction schedule update
            ii.   Introduce Maxine Kinhart
            iii.  Communications logistics
            iv.  Update on island design and plantings
       b.  Emmons Street project
            i.   Next steps
            ii.  Updates on possible state funding options
       c.  Other town updates

V.    Report from Executive Director
       a.  Brochure/Map project
       b.  FDP Event Calendar -- review (handout)
       c.  Membership/Sponsorship
       d.  Steering Committee for Emmons Street project
       e.  "Adopt a Block" -- Devin Gray

VI.   Strawberry Stroll Committee -- Nicole, Jane, Bryan

VII.   Networking Luncheon -- Joel Carrara

VIII.  Beautification Committee -- Eileen Mason

IX.    New Business
        Ladybug Project -- Franklin Cultural Committee

X.    Adjourn

Beautification Day:  May 17th