Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Milford Daily News Story About Emmons Street

The Milford Daily News published a story today about the Emmons Street property discussion. 

The Partnership's position is included about two thirds of the way into the story. To read the full story please click here (you may be asked to subscribe). The story reads in part: 

Franklin:  Decision nearing on Emmons Street property 
by Matt Tota, Daily News Staff

FRANKLIN - A majority of Town Council members consider the idea of cultural or green space at 150 Emmons Street unrealistic, and the consensus has always been to lease or sell the property for new revenue. 

Chairman Robert Vallee said on Tuesday that the council -- apart from a few members -- has all but decided to issue a request for proposals to develop the property, the former home of the Town Hall.

"We want to see what's out there," Vallee said. 

For more than a year, the question of what to do with the corner parcel has bedeviled town officials. But an answer may emerge as early as next week.

On April 2, the council will take up the matter again, but not for a vote, according to vice chairman Matt Kelly.

To read the full text of the Partnership Board's letter to the Town Council, please click here.

The Emmons Street discussion is on the agenda for the April 2 Town Council meeting at 7:00 p.m. and the Economic Development meeting at 5:30 p.m. We encourage our members to attend and voice their opinions. If you are unable to attend, please send us your thoughts and ideas and we would be happy to present them to the council. 

Please email us at or call us at (774) 571-3109 if you have any additional questions.