Monday, December 9, 2013

Community Mural Project at Jane's Frames

Community Mural: A River Runs Through

At Jane’s Frames kids of all ages contributed to the 58” x 75” mural during the Franklin Downtown Strawberry Stroll and Harvest Festival. The inspiration for the work on canvas was a piece of art by David Hockney titled “Garrowby Hill,” which is on exhibit at Boston’s Museum of Fine Arts. About 50 people took brush in hand, dipped into acrylic paint and added their own creativity, creating a new piece entitled “A River Runs Through.”

The completed framed piece will be donated to the Franklin Food Pantry and offered to the public at an upcoming auction, with proceeds going to the Franklin Food Pantry. Details about the auction will be announced at a later date.

Through the winter the piece will travel throughout the community so as many people as possible can view it.  If you were to bid on and win the artwork but do not have a place for it, you could donate it to one of the schools, the library or another building of your choice in the community. Because of the size, the frame will be placed on the piece when it goes to its new home.

Many people enjoyed viewing the piece in the windows of Jane’s Frames during the month of November and at the Holiday Stroll on December 5th. Beginning Wednesday, December 11th, the piece will be displayed in the lobby of the Municipal Building. The schedule of schools, municipal building, banks and other businesses where “The River Runs Through” travels will be published when details are finalized.