Monday, October 22, 2012

Parking Control Officer

Letter from the Chief’s Office
As I am sure most of the citizens of Franklin are now aware the Town has hired a part-time Parking Control Officer. For many years the Parking Control Officer was a well known fixture in the center of Town. The PCO, as we call it, would walk the Downtown streets, have conversation with citizens, help with pedestrian crossings and engage in all around friendly behavior. Due to budgetary constraints the PCO position had gone unfilled for a lengthy period of time. That has changed and a PCO is now actively enforcing parking violations for the Town.
My experience with feedback about the PCO position was that it was welcomed by the Downtown and overall community until that bright orange parking ticket was placed under a windshield wiper blade. We have learned that parking control is one of those job functions that can bring out the worst in some people. It is however a necessary enforcement function.
There may be any number of good reasons and/or explanations as to why a parking violation might have happened and a civil explanation may make all the sense in the world possibly remedying the ticket issue right on the spot. Parking control, particularly in the Downtown where there are businesses who need and deserve convenient access for their customers to help them stay ahead of a downtrodden economy, coupled with the amount of Commuter Rail travelers looking for available parking, is a necessary and important enforcement effort conducted by the Town.
If you have issue with a parking violation I want to remind you that you cannot remedy your parking ticket issue at the Police Station. Parking Ticket appeals are handled by the Franklin Town Treasurer/Collector. If you received a parking ticket that you believe to be in error I would encourage you to appeal to the Town Treasurer and request a hearing. When you appear for the hearing have your facts ready, be civil when presenting your argument and leave knowing the matter has been heard and I can assure you will be decided in a fair and impartial manner.
Thank You
Stephan H. Semerjian
Chief of Police