Thursday, February 9, 2012

Downtown Retail Space

Dear FDP Members,

As part of the Downtown Partnership's mission to stimulate economic development in the downtown, we would like to add to the website any retail space that is available in Downtown Franklin

If you are a Building Owner or Realtor who has space available in downtown please send me the details, i.e. location, square footage, etc., so that we can post this information and let interested businesses know this space is available. 

If any member knows of a business that is interested in coming to Franklin please have them email,, or call the FDP office.

We encourage our FDP members to be proactive in promoting the downtown and to assist in finding exciting businesses to come to Franklin!

Together we can build a stronger downtown center. If you have any questions feel free to call the FDP office at (774) 571-3109.

Lisa Piana,
Executive Director